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Who he is – speaker, author, father

David speaks to corporations, associations, nonprofits, churches and civic organizations on HELP – whether it is coordinating the “macro” strategies of a company to align its resources with complementary social causes, or one-on-one helping a friend whose child is hospitalized.

Baby Boomers, Millennials and Gen Z make up 230 million people with nearly $40 trillion in wealth.  The trait they share is a desire to improve the world – social causes – and they are judging whether they will work for you, and whether they will buy from you based on what your company is doing to help the world.  Is your organization ready?  Are YOU ready?

David’s son, Trenton, received a heart transplant before his first birthday; cancer in high school; and a second heart transplant in college.  The Carys learned to deal with challenges and find gratitude with help from others, and David weaves his touching, yet life-threatening, experiences into his lessons. His inspiring stories, engaging style, and real-life examples empower organizations to become more impactful with service to customers, and teamwork with employees, creating more meaning in their work and building loyalty.

What he explains to audiences

“The intersection of Philanthropy and Entrepreneurship” – increase the impact of both when they help each other.

“How to help” – Building a stronger support group of family, friends and colleagues before and when you need it.

“Three life or death lessons” – Lessons you’ve heard like you’ve never heard them, but need to.

What people say

-          “David is a compelling speaker who speaks from the heart. Highly recommended. He’s a pleasure to work with.” – Debra Swersky, Ignite DFW

-          “He was a wonderful speaker – he was engaging, heartfelt, articulate, funny and on-point. His delivery is both heart-warming and informational.” – Christy Park, Children’s Health

What he has authored (

Have A Team: Surviving a child's heart transplant with help from others

Positive Attitude: A young man's attitude carries him through his battle with cancer

Pushing Forward: Surviving and continuing life with a son's SECOND heart transplant