The Cary Gang

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We are the Cary family...

Valerie and I have been married and living in the Dallas area since 1987.  We have three kids - Austin, Trenton and Allison - and, in many ways, we are a pretty average gang.  The idea for Still Thankful came, not from Trenton's various health challenges, but from our survival of them and our ability to return to average life.  I have told Trenton that he is not going through these challenges for no reason, and that good should come from it.  We have been given an opportunity to help others.

Still Thankful exists to support parents of children who have experienced a serious illness.  We hope to inspire and encourage parents who feel overwhelmed and struggle to cope with feelings of "why me" or "it's not fair."  Over time, we hope to add resources for support, connection, administration and education, and we would welcome your input and participation.


Still Thankful Values

 1.     Authority – Surviving over two decades of pediatric hospitals has equipped us to understand and to serve efficiently and effectively.

2.     Relationships are the key to serving others in need.  Technology is an aid, but people are the solution.

3.     Empathy – Understanding HOW it feels equips us to better provide WHAT is needed.

4.     Entrepreneurial Creativity is the attitude that drives us to constantly explore new solutions that are scalable and sustainable for a larger community.