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Two heart transplants, cancer, cardiac arrest.  Been there, done that.


Parents of seriously ill children face a variety of uncertainties, and their friends and family may not be fully equipped for supporting them.  Still Thankful exists make life better for medical families.


The Fam

Trenton's Story

Valerie and I were raising two cuuuuuuuuute little boys in late February, 1995 when the younger, eleven-month-old Trenton, lost the strength to breathe while being treated in the ER... 


Through the birth of Austin, Valerie dedicated her life to being a mother.

Through the growth of Trenton, Valerie sacrificed her time, effort, heart and tears showing the depth of her care for her kids.

Through the maturity of Allison, Valerie sacrificed her clothing, bras, shoes, jewelry, conditioner, makeup, flatiron, blow dryer…

Being a Sibling

I am happy to have my daughter, Allison, as my first guest blogger on Still Thankful. These are her thoughts on growing up as the sibling of a transplant/cancer kid…