How Trenton and Jessica spent their first anniversary

How did you celebrate your first wedding anniversary?  I don’t remember mine, but I don’t feel badly, because Valerie doesn’t remember either.

Trenton and Jessica celebrated their first wedding anniversary in June the way many people do – they took a week off to be with each other…

Trenton at Camp Moss

Trenton at Camp Moss

Between the ages of eight to sixteen years old, Trenton loved attending “heart camp,” also known as Camp Moss, also known as Camp John Marc.  The physical space is Camp John Marc, located about a half-hour south of Dallas in Meridian, Texas and made available one week per year for kids sharing common health conditions.  Kids with heart issues attend what is labeled “Camp Moss,” which is staffed by volunteers including doctors and nurses from Cook Children’s in Fort Worth and Children’s Health in Dallas.  The kids get to be kids, away from Mom and Dad, making friends with others like themselves and watched by people who know the health histories.

So, like I said, Trenton and Jessica took a week off to be with each other…and a bunch of kids, as they were counselors at Camp Moss.

Imagine a camp you love so much that you AND YOUR NEW WIFE are willing to spend your first anniversary giving back to others there.

Trent’s cabin was full of eight-year-old boys who appreciated him, but it was the teenagers who noticed Trent’s scar when they saw him at the swimming pool.

Susan, Jessica and Trenton at camp moss

Susan, Jessica and Trenton at camp moss

One teen, fifteen years out from his transplant, was worried because he heard a transplanted heart only lasts about fifteen years.  Trenton and another transplant recipient counselor talked with him, explaining there is a cluster of patients on the short end whose hearts don’t last long at all, and another cluster that last much longer than fifteen years; fifteen was only an average.  Hearing the facts and seeing the two healthy adults helped the teen feel better about his own future.

How did Jessica feel about spending her first anniversary at heart camp?  She was the first to begin planning for next year.

For Camp Moss and giving back, I’m Still Thankful.