A dying person's advice to the living

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As a dying person, what is your advice to the living?

Scott Conroy

Scott Conroy

I have cancer. Maybe it will kill me, maybe not. But the statistics are not in my favor. I was diagnosed in May 2017. I have had time to reflect. Here is my strategy.

1.      Be as healthy spiritually as earthly possible. I made my peace with my maker. When I pray I don't pray for myself I pray in gratitude for the savior and i pray for my family.

2.      Prepare for the worst but hope for the best. I took care of all the paperwork to save my family problems in probate.

3.      I try to be as empathetic as possible with family and friends. I have been in their shoes and lost loved ones to cancer. In fact, that was emotionally harder than this is.

4.      I’m not working now. It gives me time to appreciate simple natural pleasures. I've always loved the sun and I take full advantage of it on the patio I built.

5.      Reminiscing is also good. It is an accounting of your life with others and a sharing of your memories with others that might otherwise be lost. It also bonds you tighter with family and friends. It is the source of laughter and smiles to fill a time that might otherwise be melancholy.

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Post script: I am utterly amazed at the overwhelming number of people who have expressed their heartfelt support for me. I wish I could give you each the reply you deserve. Thank you.

Scott Conroy